About Adrienne

Adrienne Reed is a certified Life Coach with specialties in Relationship and Personal Coaching. She has been a yoga instructor and practitioner for nearly twenty years and hosts a nationally syndicated public television yoga show. She has been deeply committed to finding the mind/body connection in her own life and helping others to do the same. During her two decades of teaching yoga, she has been informally coaching those around her and decided to dedicate more of her time to helping others succeed and achieve their best life. She was certified as a Life Coach in 2017.

Adrienne understands life's difficulties and how to overcome them. She grew up in a physically and mentally abusive home. She endured a difficult divorce and has been a single parent of two children for 16 years. She sought counseling and coaching throughout the years to heal the wounds of her past, free her from her emotional obstacles, and to establish and succeed at her life goals.

Adrienne believes that listening and working together are the cornerstones to being a great coach. She encourages clients to define and work incrementally toward their best life, not just let life "happen" to them.